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Vuse alto what a waste of time and money. 8ml pre-filled pods The nicotine content doesn’t have diddly-shit to do with the addictive potential — you could vape 0mg for 6 months, and quitting vaping would Still be difficult, because it’s the…

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The Vuse Alto Kit's magnetic connection allows you to vape even when it is charging. , is expanding distribution to more than 25,000 stores nationwide.

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Nov 05, 2017 · I proceed to open my new kit with enthusiasm only to find straight out of the box damage to the mod and screen is scratched and has some kind of gunk possibly under screen. I immediately contact element vape and send my pics and now have been issued a return shipping label and am currently waiting for inspection of unit.

The vuse solo is one of the strongest e cigarettes available. 15mgml 15 nicotine by weight. Vuse E Cig Nicotine Content Is Very High Proceed With Caution InVuse Solo Review Vuse Solo is a decent e-cig that provides a punch with every drag. The downside to that is the added intake of nicotine which makes it more dangerous than even normal cigarettes. The Vuse E-Cig has 48mg of nicotine/mL. You will also see this stated as 4.8% by vol. The average cigarette only has 12mg of nicotine. With 1mL having four times the amount of nicotine as the average cigarette, your throat will take a… The Vuse Alto replacement pods come in a pack of two. Choose from the four different flavors: Menthol, Mixed Berry, Original, and Rich Tobacco. These pods snap-in into the Vuse Alto via a magnet, and they are closed off!